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Tap into our 250+ combined years of retail solutions
expertise to navigate the complex world of retail
solutions and achieve Omnichannel.
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Premier provider of High-Quality Power Solutions

Premier provider of High-Quality Power Solutions

At MSWER, we are expert in design and manufacturing of industrial controllers. We provide turn-key power control solution, with system integration, automation control, solution engineering and professional engineering services. MSWER products span from SCR power controllers, motor soft-starter, smart power controllers, high power industrial rectifiers and etc. MSWER customers are active in renewable energy, refinery, chemical processing, mining, pharmaceutical, industrial heating, carbon fiber, fiberglass, glass, paper mill, textile, railway automation and metallurgy. ​
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Industry Solutions

With more than 17+ years of experience and a specially trained team of experts, we’re able to understand our clients’ challenges and provide solutions that impact their processes, operations and businesses. We know the following industries inside and out.

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Highest quality and reliability in the industry

At MSWER, we have an expert engineering team that design and build our own Digital SCR power controllers that fits various industry — for electrical heating, induction heating, plasma torch-es, arc furnace and DC/AC power regulation system and arc furnace. We also serve the chemical process industry such as electro-coating, plating, seawater electro-chlorinator, industrial gas pro-duction and etc.

We at MSWER is also highly focus in developing customize AC & DC Power System. Our power systems are used in various industries such as water treatment, metallurgy, automotive, avi-ation, energy storage, oil and gas, glass, fiberglass, carbon fiber and many mor

Curating the best technology to achieve unified commerce, we’re invested in not just the selection of technology, but the success of technology.

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